Court Lists

Public Court Lists Online is a service which will allow you to view the court lists for civil, criminal and family business for any court venue for up to 14 days ahead. Court Lists are refreshed daily at 10:00pm.

Note that the court lists are correct at the time of publication, however they may be subject to change at short notice up to and including the day of the court. If you have a query regarding any particular court list, you should contact the relevant court office. Contact details are shown below.

You can launch Public Court Lists Online via our Online Services page

Court of Judicature List

The Court of Judicature List is updated daily and the complete list for the next sitting day is available daily from approximately 5:00pm.

Please see important notices in the link below about Cases listed before the Queen’s Bench Masters, Bankruptcy and Companies Master, Chancery and Probate Master (Updated), Office of Care and Protection Master (23-27 March 2020), Matrimonial Masters and Taxation and Enforcement Of Judgments Master.

Use this link to view the complete Court of Judicature List for the next available sitting day. 

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