CJSM Secure Email System

The Northern Ireland Courts and Tribunals Service (NICTS) takes all reasonable steps to protect the security of the information which it processes and has policies in place to afford protection of the data in line with the sensitivity of the data.

Most of the data which we process has a protective marking of ‘Restricted’ which means, for example, that we cannot send or receive such data unencrypted over the internet. This rules out using standard internet email as a transmission method.

The CJSM secure email system

However, a secure email system which encrypts the emails automatically is available to legal practitioners which allows for data up to 'Restricted' to be sent and received. It's called CJSM and it is free to use. In order to join this system, legal practitioners need to be sponsored by a government body and the NICTS has agreed to act as sponsor for Northern Ireland based solicitors and barristers.

How to make an application to join CJSM

Please see the attached CJSM Application Guide: ttps://goo.gl/NCw9U4

Further information and online applications is available on the CJSM website.

You can apply online providing the details for your existing email address, the name of someone who will act as administrator, and the NICTS sponsor details which are detailed below: 

Mrs Pamela Reid


CJSM will contact NICTS to confirm your application is appropriate and will provide you with a copy of the terms and conditions of use which need to be signed by an appropriate authority in your organisation and returned to CJSM. Once this has been completed, your administrator will have a defined CJSM email address. They can then proceed to setup any additional CJSM email address required for the legal practitioners in the firm.

How to use CJSM secure email

CJSM is a closed system in that it will only allow email communications with other CJSM email addresses. A typical CJSM secure email address might have the format john.smith@joebloggssolcitors.cjsm.net. Using this email address, the solicitor will only be able to email other CJSM users. For example Antrim Courthouse has a CJSM email address of antrimcourthouse@courtsni.gsi.gov.uk.cjsm.net. Note that both email addresses end in '.cjsm.net'. A list of NICTS CJSM email addresses can be found below.

NICTS CJSM Email Addresses

Please note that the NICTS also has non-CJSM secure email addresses for use by other Government Departments. These email addresses do not end in '.cjsm.net' and therefore cannot be used by CJSM users. 

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