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Circular 'LSA 15-23 - Payment update' provides practitioners with an update on the progress of payments from Account NI.

Published 28 September 2023Circulars

Circular 'LSA 14-23 - Migration of the Legal Aid Management System (LAMS) to new hosting infrastructure' provides information for practitioners on the details relating to the migration of LAMS to a new hosting infrastructure.

Published 27 September 2023Circulars

This circular is to advise practitioners that on 22 September 2023, like other public sector bodies, the LSA will be able to offer very limited services due to industrial action and as such will have to prioritise the services which it can offer.

Published 20 September 2023Circulars

Here you will find the latest AccessNI training transcripts.

Published 18 September 2023Guidance literature

Recruitment for independent monitoring board members.

Published 14 September 2023Notices

This publication sets out information about the level of participation in training in relation to the domestic abuse offence.

Published 14 September 2023Guidance literature

This report presents workload statistics for the last five financial years for both Youth Justice Services and Custodial Services (Woodlands Juvenile Justice Centre, JJC) within the Youth Justice Agency (YJA).

Published 14 September 2023Statistical reports

Circular 'LSA 12-23 - Enhancements to suppliers portal on LAMS ' advises practitioners that it will be introducing new functionality to its case management system LAMS.

Published 01 September 2023Circulars

This bulletin presents data on the average case processing time for Criminal Cases dealt with in the Crown and magistrates’ courts in Northern Ireland for the year 1 April 2022 – 31 March 2023 and refers to the time from which the offence was reported to, or detect

Published 30 August 2023Statistical reports

OCTF Annual Report and Threat Assessment 2021-22

Published 25 August 2023Development plan/framework

DoJ Board Register of Interests.

Published 23 August 2023Lists and registers

Circular 'LSA 11-23 - Universal Credit - determination of financial eligibility' advises practitioners of how the Legal Services Agency (LSA) will assess the financial eligibility of applicants for civil legal services when the applicant is in rec

Published 23 August 2023Circulars

Key messages for legal aid suppliers for July 2023.

Published 11 August 2023Notices

This bulletin presents the findings from the 2022/23 sweep of the Northern Ireland Victim and Witness Survey (NIVAWS).

Published 03 August 2023Statistical reports

These reports highlight the achievements and impacts that the eleven Police and Community Partnerships (PCSPS) and four District (DPCSPs) have made each financial year.

Published 02 August 2023Development plan/framework

LSANI circular LSA 10-23 - Legal aid contact methods provides details on how practitioners should contact the Agency.

Published 02 August 2023Circulars

Joint Strategy to Reduce the Harm Caused by Substance Use in Prison

Published 01 August 2023Policy papers

Forensic Science Northern Ireland Annual Report and Accouts 2022/23

Published 28 July 2023Financial plans and reports

NI Prison Service Annual Report and Accounts 2022-23

Published 28 July 2023Financial plans and reports

DoJ statistical releases to which pre-release access is granted and persons with pre-release access.

Published 27 July 2023Statistical reports


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