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Youth Justice Agency Annual Reports and Accounts

Published 12 November 2020Financial plans and reports

Post Consultation Report on Pilot to Allow Solicitors to Instruct Experts in the Family Proceedings Court without Prior Authority

Published 09 November 2020Consultation reports

Key messages for legal aid suppliers for October 2020.

Published 06 November 2020Notices

NIPS Annual Report and Accounts 2019-20


Published 06 November 2020Financial plans and reports

Justice Minister's letter to groups representing victims and survivors

Published 05 November 2020Correspondence

ASG Customer Survey 2020

Published 05 November 2020Statistical reports

Nature and matters selection list for representation lower.

Published 03 November 2020Guidance literature

Circular 'LSA 19-2020 - Implementation of new functionality in the Legal Aid Management System (LAMS)' advises suppliers of introduction of new functionality to the case management system LAMS.

Published 02 November 2020Circulars

Freedom of Information requests 2020

Published 26 October 2020FOI/EIR responses

Webex Virtual Hearings -  A Guide for External Participants

Published 26 October 2020Guidance literature

Summary of responses to the consultation on how personal injury discount rate on how it should be set.

Published 23 October 2020Consultation reports

NI Judicial Pension Scheme Advisory Board Minutes and Agendas 2020

Published 21 October 2020Agendas and minutes

This document has been produced in response to the Department’s consultation on the law in relation to child sexual exploitation (CSE) which closed on 16 April 2019.

Published 20 October 2020Consultation reports

Summary of responses and next steps for proposed amendments to section 12 and section 18 of the Human Trafficking and Exploitation legislation.

Published 20 October 2020Consultation reports

Key messages for legal aid suppliers for September 2020.

Published 15 October 2020Notices

This report presents workload statistics for the last five financial years for both Custodial Services (Woodlands Juvenile Justice Centre, JJC) and Youth Justice Services (YJS) within the Youth Justice Agency (YJA).

Published 15 October 2020Statistical reports

The focus of this publication is on key attitudinal modules contained within the NISCS relating to:

Published 15 October 2020Statistical reports

Proposals on the Use of Live Links for Police Detention/Interviews consultation and summary of responses.

Published 13 October 2020Consultation reports

The LSANI guidance on the accuracy of legal aid payments provides advice and guidance to the profession to support the Agency in further reducing fraud and error with the aim of removing a qualification on our accounts and improving our performance in the accuracy of payments.

Published 12 October 2020Guidance literature

Circular 'LSA 18-2020 - Accuracy of legal aid payments' draws attention to the guidance note on the accuracy of legal aid payments which provides details of the approach and the ongoing work being undertaken by the Legal Services Agency Northern Ireland (LSANI) to

Published 12 October 2020Circulars

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