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Circular 'LSA 03-23 - High Cost Cases - Estimated Costs of any case in excess of £100,000' refers to LSA Circular 08-22 which invited practitioners to provide estimated costs for ongoing cases that are likely to be High Cost Cases and seeks reports on a

Published 06 February 2023Circulars

DoJ Statistics and Research Branch Publication Survey 2022.

Published 02 February 2023Statistical reports

Northern Ireland Courts and Tribunals Quarterly Business Data User Guide.

Published 01 February 2023Guidance literature

Equality Screening Forms 2022-23

Published 26 January 2023Impact assessments

The 'LSANI guidance on practitioner file reviews' details the Legal Services Agency’s approach to measuring practitioner error and fraud as part of its strategy to estimate and address the level of loss that fraud and error costs the Agency each year.

Published 24 January 2023Guidance literature

Circular 'LSA 02-23 - Practitioner Error and Fraud File Reviews' will be of interest to all practitioners who provide civil and criminal legal services as the Legal Services Agency begin to sample cases for the live scheme, commencing January 2023.

Published 24 January 2023Circulars

A search certificate relating to a Article 22 Possession of Land (22PL) case

Published 24 January 2023Circulars

Circular 'LSA 01-23 - Implementation of new financial eligibility functionality in the legal aid management system' advises practitioners of the introduction of new functionality to LAMS.

Published 23 January 2023Circulars

Here you will find annual reports provided by the Independent Monitor.

Published 20 December 2022Corporate reports

Key messages for legal aid suppliers for December 2022.

Published 19 December 2022Notices

The focus of this publication is on a module included for the first time within the 2019/20 Northern Ireland Safe Community Survey (NISCS) relating to:

Published 16 December 2022Statistical reports

This bulletin provides an overview of the most recently available key statistics produced by Analytical Services Group (ASG).

Published 13 December 2022Statistical reports

This piece of research aims to gain an insight into key stakeholders’ experiences to date of conducting business using remote technology.

Published 07 December 2022Research and analysis

This bulletin presents data on cases relating to young people (aged between 10 and 17 years) coming into formal contact with the criminal justice system in Northern Ireland for the year 1 April 2021 – 31 March 2022.

Published 07 December 2022Statistical reports

This document sets out the Northern Ireland Prison Service (NIPS) policy for the operation of the Conditional Early Release (CER) Scheme.

Published 06 December 2022Policy papers

The Northern Ireland Prison Service (NIPS) is committed to creating a positive environment for those who live and work in our prisons, where we support and challenge people in our care to change.


Published 05 December 2022Policy papers

Updates on programme engagement and participation.

Published 25 November 2022Development plan/framework

Guidance on support for victims of domestic abuse.


Published 21 November 2022Guidance literature

LSANI circular 'LSA 11-22 - Implementation of inactivity prompts in the legal aid management system' advises all practitioners of the approach the Legal Services Agency (the Agency) will take to ensure that inactive cases on LAMS are closed.

Published 21 November 2022Circulars

Language Line Solutions guidance on how to access a telephone interpreter

Published 18 November 2022Guidance literature

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