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Here you will find the full opening speech for the second stage of the Domestic Abuse and Family Proceedings Bill. Check against delivery.

Published 28 April 2020Speeches and statements

This paper presents findings on the feasibility of extending the NI Safe Community Survey to include children aged 10 to 15 and communal establishments.

Published 17 April 2020Statistical reports

The purpose of this communication is to reassure scheme members that the Department of Justice continue to work in conjunction with the pension scheme administrators XPS Administration to maintain the efficient administration of judicial pensions during this difficult time.

Published 15 April 2020Guidance literature

Key messages for legal aid suppliers for March 2020.

Published 10 April 2020Notices

NIPS Policy on Temporary Releasecoronavirus (Covid 19) Public Health Emergency

Published 09 April 2020Guidance literature

Re: Office of Care and Protection (Patients) during the coronavirus (Covid-19) Outbreak

Published 08 April 2020Notices

This is a Grant by the Legal Services Agency Northern Ireland (“the Agency”) under Article 12(2)(c) of the Access to Justice (Northern Ireland) Order 2003 to the Housing Rights Service, (HRS) a company limited by guarantee (NI021018)  having its registered off

Published 03 April 2020Policy papers

COVID-19: Guidance to organisations and groups in relation to safeguarding issues for community volunteers has been provided below.

Published 27 March 2020Guidance literature

Circular ‘LSA 04/2020 - LSA COVID-19 key messages’ provides key messages for legal aid suppliers relating to business processing including some additional measures which it proposes to take in the current operational environment.

Published 26 March 2020Circulars

Oral statement to the Assemby by Justice Minister Naomi Long MLA - Response to Coronavirus.

Published 23 March 2020Speeches and statements

Key messages for legal aid suppliers for February 2020.

Published 22 March 2020Notices

Circular LSA 03-2020 - LSA Service Delivery – COVID-19 informs practitioners that the Legal Services Agency remains open for business and continues to process applications for civil legal services and bills submitted by practitioners and it will issue regular commun

Published 19 March 2020Circulars

The purpose of this plan is to set out how AccessNI plans to deal with an outbreak of the Coronavirus which would impact of the service provided.

Published 18 March 2020Business plans

Please see attached important notice regarding cases listed before the bankruptcy master - 18-20 march 2020

Published 16 March 2020Correspondence

This paper presents findings on the feasibility of extending the NI Safe Community Survey to include children aged 10 to 15 and communal establishments.

Published 13 March 2020Statistical reports

Evaluation of the Substance Misuse Court Pilot

Published 10 March 2020Statistical reports

The LSANI guidance literature that covers the process of appeals, fee reviews and redeterminations in line with the Civil Legal Services (Appeal) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2015.

Published 10 March 2020Guidance literature

These reports highlight the achievements and impacts that the eleven Police and Community Partnerships (PCSPS) and four District (DPCSPs) have made each financial year.

Published 03 March 2020Development plan/framework

The 'LSANI guidance notes on summary only magistrates' court cases' highlights that in a number of cases counsel have been assigned to a summary only magistrates’ court case where there is no legislative basis to assign counsel to a summary only matter and re

Published 29 February 2020Guidance literature

Nature and matters selection list for advice and assistance.

Published 29 February 2020Guidance literature

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