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LSANI guidance on Civil Representation has been issued by the Director of Legal Aid Casework.  It sets out how the Legal Services Agency Northern Ireland (“the Agency”) seeks to apply its functions in relation to Civil Representation under the Access

Published 27 June 2019Guidance literature

LSANI guidance on authorisation of counsel in civil cases has been issued by the Director of Legal Aid Casework.  It sets out how the Legal Services Agency (“the Agency”) will deal with applications for the authorisation of counsel in civil cases.

Published 27 June 2019Guidance literature

LSANI guidance on exceptional funding has been issued by the Director of Legal Aid Casework.  It sets out how the Legal Services Agency (“the Agency”) will deal with applications for Exceptional Funding under article 12A of the Access to Justice (Northern Irel

Published 27 June 2019Guidance literature

Research and Statistical Bulletin on ‘First Time Entrants to the Justice System in Northern Ireland 2017/18’

Published 26 June 2019Statistical reports

This document sets out details of AccessNI’s activity and performance over the 12 month period 1 April 2018 to 31 March 2019 against targets and where appropriate, compares this to previous years. 

Published 25 June 2019Corporate reports

Letter to the Law Society from the Chief Executive of the LSA relating to guidance issued on civil representation.

Published 25 June 2019Guidance literature

Circular 'LSA 11-19 - LAMS attaching barristers to legally aided cases' provides additional information on the requirement in LAMS to attach counsel to cases.

Published 24 June 2019Circulars

The purpose of this note is to advise users that DoJ intends to undertake a scoping exercise to explore the potential of, and demand for, including fraud and cyber crime within the main headline victimisation estimates derived from the NI Safe Community Survey.

Published 21 June 2019Statistical reports

Litigants in Person Reference Group

Published 18 June 2019Agendas and minutes

This Inter-Departmental Homelessness Action Plan which was published in November 2017 has been developed to complement the Northern Ireland Housing Executive’s new Homelessness Strategy.

Published 05 June 2019Development plan/framework

Court Prosecutions, Convictions and Out of Court Disposals Statistics for Northern Ireland, 2018

Published 05 June 2019Statistical reports

Circular 'LSA 10-19 - Additional transitional arrangements for the introduction of LAMS' will be of interest to all practitioners as it sets out additional arrangements to assist with the transition to and embedding of the new Legal Aid Management System (LAMS). 

Published 04 June 2019Circulars

If an interested person is aggrieved by any decision taken by the administrators concerning the interpretation of the rules of the scheme, he or she has the right of appeal against that decision. 

Published 31 May 2019Policy papers

AccessNI Stakeholder Forum Minutes 2019

Published 29 May 2019Agendas and minutes

The Ulster University Economic Police Centre met with senior staff from the Department of Justice in May 2017 to discuss ways in which the UUEPC could bring an economic perspective to the work of the Department.

Published 28 May 2019Impact assessments

AccessNI performance charts for April 2019 to March 2020.

Published 25 May 2019Corporate reports

Court of Appeal Scheme 2019

Published 24 May 2019Correspondence

Executive Action Plan on tackling paramilitary activity

Published 23 May 2019Development plan/framework

Tackling paramilitarism information booklet.

Published 20 May 2019Development plan/framework

The focus of this publication is on key attitudinal modules contained within the NICS relating to:

Published 16 May 2019Statistical reports

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