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LSANI circular 'LSA 09-22 - LSANI Relocation to Ann Street' notifies that the Legal Services Agency Northern Ireland will be relocating from Waterfront Plaza to a new premises on 15 November 2022.

Published 31 October 2022Circulars

The eligibility and other requirements for appointment as a Notary Public in Northern Ireland are prescribed in Order 107, Rule 9 of the Rules of the Court of Judicature (NI) 1980 as set out in the document below.

Published 28 October 2022Legislation and regulations

This guidance has been developed in conjunction with key voluntary and statutory partners and published by the Department of Justice as statutory guidance under section 17 of the Protection from Stalking Act (Northern Ireland) 2022.

Published 19 October 2022Guidance literature

From the outset of my tenure as Minister of Justice, I have set out a clear and unambiguous message that stalking, in all its forms, is wrong and will not be tolerated.

Published 13 October 2022Promotional material

Over representation in the youth justice system in Northern Ireland.

Published 05 October 2022Independent reports

Written Ministerial Statement: Over representation in the youth justice system in Northern Ireland.

Published 05 October 2022Independent reports

The Police Act 1997 (Criminal Records) (Amendment) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2022

Published 30 September 2022Legislation and regulations

YJA Performance Impact Reports.

Published 28 September 2022Corporate reports

Research: ‘Accelerators’: Targeted Youth Services’ Contribution
Towards the Attainment of Multiple Sustainable
Development Goals (SDGs)

Published 26 September 2022Research and analysis

Prisons 25by25: Building for the future.

Published 26 September 2022Development plan/framework

Youth Justice Agency Corporate Plan 2022-25

Published 21 September 2022Corporate reports

Youth Justice Agency Business Plan 2023-2024

Published 21 September 2022Business plans

Reappointment of lay magistrates: Summary of responses

Published 20 September 2022Consultation reports

The focus of this publication is on a module included for the first time within the 2019/20 Northern Ireland Safe Community Survey (NISCS) relating to:

Published 16 September 2022Statistical reports

This report describes the average daily prison population, prison receptions and discharges data for the financial year 2021/22. During 2021/22, the overall average daily prison population increased by 3.2% to 1,494.

Published 16 September 2022Statistical reports

This report presents workload statistics for the last five financial years for both Youth Justice Services and Custodial Services (Woodlands Juvenile Justice Centre, JJC) within the Youth Justice Agency (YJA).

Published 15 September 2022Statistical reports

This bulletin presents data on the length of time taken to complete criminal cases dealt with in the Crown and magistrates’ courts in Northern Ireland for the year 1 April 2021– 31 March 2022.  In 2021/22, the median time taken for a case to be disposed, at al

Published 14 September 2022Statistical reports

The focus of this publication is on a module included within the NISCS, designed to examine perceptions of the Youth Justice Agency, including:

Published 12 September 2022Statistical reports

Key messages for legal aid suppliers for August 2022.

Published 01 September 2022Notices

Circular and corresponding schedule 'LSA 08-22 - High cost cases - estimated costs of any case in excess of £100,000' invites practitioners to provide estimated costs for ongoing cases that are likely to be high cost cases; that is cases which will resu

Published 30 August 2022Circulars

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