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NI Judicial Pension Scheme Board Minutes and Agendas 2023

Published 29 March 2023Agendas and minutes

This document sets out how the Northern Ireland Prison Service (NIPS) manages prisoners who may be concealing items internally.

Published 28 March 2023Policy papers

Newsletters 2023

Published 24 March 2023Circulars

This document sets out how the Northern Ireland Prison Service (NIPS) deploy and operate X-Ray Body Scanners.

Published 21 March 2023Policy papers

NI Judicial Scheme Advisory Board Register of Interests.

Published 20 March 2023Lists and registers

Enforcement of Repossession Judgments and Ejectment Decrees

Published 16 March 2023Policy papers

Audio and Video Links Live Links Consultation Report.


Published 13 March 2023Consultation reports

Key messages for legal aid suppliers for February 2023

Published 09 March 2023Notices

The Department of Justice is committed to engaging with members (or those who represent the interests of members) when any changes are made to regulations of a pension scheme or before the introduction of a new scheme.

Published 08 March 2023Consultation reports

DoJ Disclosures 2022.

Published 06 March 2023FOI/EIR responses

NI Prison Service Background Quality Report.

Published 03 March 2023Statistical reports

This provides an update on the reporting of 2021/22 survey findings and the plan for the 2023/24 survey year.

Published 28 February 2023Statistical reports

Summary of Responses: Consultation on coronial investigations into deaths abroad.

Published 28 February 2023Consultation reports

The Government Protocol which governs the use of restorative approaches in the justice system has been in operation since 2007.  Following an independent review commissioned by the Minister of Justice last year, the review report and new draft Protocol has been published

Published 27 February 2023Independent reports

Mortgages Actions for Possession Bulletin Background Quality Report

Published 24 February 2023Statistical reports

Judicial Statistics Background Quality Report

Published 24 February 2023Statistical reports

NICTS Quarterly Statistics Background Quality Report

Published 24 February 2023Statistical reports

The Youth Justice Agency has an easy to understand and responsive complaints procedure which encourages anyone who feels they have been treated unfairly or inappropriately by the Agency to speak out so that their concerns can be addressed.

Published 23 February 2023Policy papers

Competition for PCNI Psychiatrist Commissioner

Published 09 February 2023Notices

Here is the updated Protocol which has now been extended to include Northern Ireland.

Published 06 February 2023Legislation and regulations

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