Commercial Hub Practitioners Box User Guide

Here you will find information and a guide on the use of the Box on-line application for document storage.

BOX has been established for use within the Commercial Hub (“The Hub”) to enable practitioners to file documents electronically in accordance with the requirements of the Commercial Hub Practice Direction No. 1 of 2019 which has been superseded by Practice Direction No. 1 of 2022 (“The PD”) which comes into operation on 1 February 2022.

The BOX product has an extensive range of features however participants should note that the use of BOX within the Hub is for document filing and storage only; it is not intended to be used as an electronic document creation or management system. You should not use BOX for drafts of documents or drafts of bundles for Hub cases - it is a repository for final version documents.

Further information on accessing the Box and user guide is available at

You can find the video recording of a training Session for Commercial Practitioners below. This recording of BOX training was delivered on Tuesday 16 August 2022.

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