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To ensure the service performance of our infrastructure it is necessary that we perform routine maintenance, therefore you might experience a temporary disruption to our online services during our maintenance activities. Maintenance is currently scheduled to run between 6:00pm and 8:00pm each Monday evening. We apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause.

When launching one of our online applications using Google Chrome or similar browsers you will be prompted to 'allow pop-ups.' You will need to choose 'always for this site' in order to be able to access any of the applications. 

Software Requirements

Most documents produced in the online services are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. You need Adobe Reader installed in order to view these documents. You will also need a browser supporting the latest encryption standards. If you can log into the website successfully then this will be suitable for the online services.

Privacy Notice

Please take a few minutes to read our NICTS Privacy Notice to see how your personal information is processed.


All of the following online services, with the exception of the Public Court Lists Online service require you to login before you can access the service.

Security Statement

The Northern Ireland Courts and Tribunals Service understands how important the security and confidentiality of your information is to you. This is why all content exchanged using our online services is conducted over a secure connection to our servers and why we automatically log you out of our website after 1 hour of inactivity or 1 hour between page changes. You can read further about the technology used to protect customers on our website by clicking on this link.

You should ensure that your password and PIN (if applicable) are not divulged to other parties. If you have any concerns about the security of your password or PIN, please call us on 0300 200 7812.

Refund Application Form (Multiple Surname Search)

If more than one search has been required to be completed on a married female (i.e. married and maiden name searched) or a non-English name then you may be entitled to a refund of the additional search fee.

ICOS Online Searching Modules

Please note that not all Orders can be obtained online and some may have to be requisitioned for example Bankruptcy, Court of Appeal, Adoption, Injunctions and Free Text orders. 

Here you can perform the following searches:

  • Bankruptcy & Companies (Data held within last 10 years) Cost £26 per search 
  • Queen's Bench & Chancery (Date held from 1 December 2004) Cost £26 per search 
  • Probate records (Data held since 1 January 1986) Cost £26 per search 
  • Decree Absolute (Data held since 1 January 1996) Cost £26 per search 

Payment can be made by Visa, MasterCard or from an ICOS pre-paid account.

User Guides

EJO Case Tracking

The EJO Case Tracking Service provides information on Creditor(s), Debtor(s) and other interested parties attached to an enforcement application. Access can only be granted to the cases in which you are a party to (creditor or their solicitors).

If you wish to use this facility please contact us so we can activate your account to access the EJO Case Tracking facility.

User Guide

EJO Debt Register Searching

To access this service you must first Login/Register to create a new account and request access to your cases. If you are an ICOS account holder and wish to use this facility please contact us so we can activate your account to access the EJO Case Tracking facility.

The EJO Debt Register Service will enable you to conduct a judgment search detailing judgments held (if any) against a person or company in the last 6 years.

The current fee for this facility is £12.00 per name search. You can pay by pre-paid account or pay as you go. Please see the guides opposite to help you through the process.

Pre-paid Account Holders should contact the Accounts Team in the EJO for information on how to credit their pre-paid account with funds at either: postroomejo@courtsni.gov.uk or telephone 0300 200 7812.

Pay as you go users can purchase vouchers by a Visa or MasterCard.

User Guides

Small Claims Online

Before you begin a small claim you should be aware that if the respondent has no money to pay the amount of the claim you may not get your money. The Enforcement of Judgments Office (EJO) is part of the Northern Ireland Courts and Tribunals Service and will help you to recover the amount claimed by enforcing any decree that you are granted.

The EJO maintains a Judgments Register to which you can search against a possible debtor for a fee. This will show whether the respondent already owes any money to other people. You can then use this information to help you decide whether or not you want to proceed to issue your small claim.

Our 'Small Claims Guide' provides customers with a general overview of the small claims procedure. When you are ready to commence your application, you should ensure you are logged into the site and click the 'Launch Small Claims Online' button below. Payments on our site can be made by Visa debit/credit card or MasterCard debit/credit card or from an ICOS pre-paid account.

User Guides

Copy Orders Online

Orders made on or after 1 January 2007 are available online for some business areas. The current fee for each order selected online is £12. Payment can be made by Visa debit/credit card or Mastercard debit/credit card or from an ICOS pre-paid account. Click here for more information on the Copy Orders Online Facilities.

User Guide

Public Court Lists Online

Public Court Lists is a free service which allows you to view the court lists for civil and criminal business for any court venue for up to seven days ahead. Court lists are refreshed daily at 10:00pm.

User Guide

Media Court Lists Online 

Media Court Lists Online is an online service available to accredited journalists to get access to information on criminal courts for the next seven days ahead. In order to access this service, journalists must sign up and agree to a Memorandum of Understanding which sets out the arrangements by which the Northern Ireland Courts and Tribunals Service will provide media court lists to subscribers.

Media Court Lists are updated on a daily basis at 22:00.

Please note that details of that day’s listings will be unavailable after 22:00.

ICOS Case Tracking Online

This free online service allows solicitor firms, government departments and other organisations to securely access case details for civil, criminal and family cases in which they are involved.

To use this service you need to login using the username previously assigned to you by Courts and Tribunals Service. You will also need your password and PIN.

If you do not know these details please contact 0300 200 7812

User Guide

ICOS Accounts Online

This online service allows you to view ICOS prepaid account balances online and print or download ICOS pre-paid account statements. You can also lodge money into your ICOS pre-paid account online using a Visa debit/credit card or a MasterCard debit/credit card.

To use this service you need to login using the username previously assigned to you by Courts and Tribunals Service. You will also need your password and PIN. If you do not know these details please contact 0300 200 7812.

Fine Payments Online

If you have been fined on or after 22 January 2010, you can now pay your fine anytime online. The term "fine" is used to cover court-imposed monetary penalties, juror fines and fixed penalties which have been registered with the court.

If your fine can be paid online, the court documentation, fine notice or letter, you have received will contain a Case Reference and an Online Account Reference. You will need both of these in order to pay your fine online.

At present, we only accept MasterCard and Visa credit and debit cards for online payments.

You may also pay your fine by telephone using a credit or debit card.  Telephone the Customer Service Centre on 0300 200 7812 during normal office hours; or by posting a cheque or postal order payable to Northern Ireland Courts and Tribunals Service, quoting your case reference number and name, to

Customer Service Centre
P.O. Box 256

Note that failure to pay your fine within the time allowed may result in a warrant being issued, committing you to prison or a young offenders centre. The issue of a warrant may also increase the amount you are due to pay.

User Guides

Victim Support NI Interactive Courtroom

This is a link to Victim Support NI’s Interactive View of Courtrooms. You will be able to see inside and around criminal courtrooms across the court estate.

Contact us

If you are having difficulties with any of our Online Services you can contact our Web Team using the following details;



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