FAQs - Submission of report on case to LAMS

Frequently asked questions relating to the process of submitting reports on LAMS.

How will the payment of costs in linked cases be dealt with?

The supplier is required to itemise work done under the specific certificate to which the work relates.


How is the issue of the involvement of uncertified counsel dealt with?  How is the issue of payment to uncertified counsel to be dealt with?

This remains a private arrangement between the instructing solicitor and counsel.  The legal aid case details on LAMS will confirm that only the solicitor is certified.  If counsel is not certified the solicitor should not attach counsel to the case and counsel cannot submit a request for payment from the legal aid fund.


What if different barristers undertake work during the currency of a certificate?

It is recognised that on occasion counsel will step in for a colleague to cover a court hearing.  In such circumstances the solicitor should ‘attach’ each counsel who has provided representation in the proceedings to the case file on LAMS.  That will allow each counsel to submit his/her bill as is normal practice today.


What about the need to furnish ‘original’ invoices?

An electronic invoice or fee note will be accepted as an original and a scanned copy of a hard-copy invoice or fee note will also be accepted.  In which case you should retain a copy of the original with your own records.

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