FAQs - LAMS - How to get started

Frequently asked questions and answers to aid the legal profession when starting out to use LAMS.

Does creating a digital account for LAMS mean that I am registering for the statutory registration scheme?

No.  You will be creating an account to enable you to continue to access legal aid after digitisation.  

Creating an account does not indicate any commitment to or endorsement of the registration scheme, which can only be introduced by way of legislation.


What do I need to do to be able to use LAMS?

Solicitors first need to create an nidirect account and then create a digital account on LAMS.  Barristers need to create a digital account on LAMS.  At least one solicitor in each solicitor business must be designated as an account administrator and must thereafter create a business account on LAMS.


Who needs to create a LAMS digital account?

All solicitors wishing to undertake legal aid work from July 2019 must create an individual ‘supplier account’. 

Every solicitor practice must designate one of its solicitors as an account administrator.  This person must initially create an individual supplier account and when this is approved, create a ‘business account’.

All practice staff who will access and input to LAMS must create an ‘other employee account’.

All barristers wishing to undertake legal aid work from July 2019 must create an individual ‘supplier account’, followed by a ‘business account’.  Barristers will create these accounts via an nidirect account, with which the Bar Library will assist you.


What is an account administrator and what are their duties?

Responsibilities of the account administrator include entering bank account details, attaching individual solicitors and employees to the business and thereafter maintaining and modifying the business details. (e.g. adding or removing solicitors, changes in relation to bank account etc.)


I have forgotten my memorable word: what do I do?

If you have difficulty registering for an account or if you have forgotten your memorable word, please contact nidirect account support who can be reached by:

Telephone: 0300 200 7868 (Monday to Friday, 9.00 am to 5.00 pm), or by Email: nida@nidirect.gov.uk


Why does nidirect registration not require proof of professional indemnity insurance, roll number or practising certificate?

The request of proof of roll number and practising certificate is required as part of the digital account creation on LAMS rather than during nidirect account creation.


Does only one person per firm need to create a LAMS account?


Every solicitor that wishes to do legal aid work should create an individual supplier account on LAMS and be attached to the business account using their supplier reference number.

Every solicitor business needs to appoint a solicitor within the business to be the account administrator. This individual will need to create the business account once their individual account is approved.


I don’t want to continue doing legal aid work, but I have outstanding bills to submit or be paid.  Do I have to create a digital account?

If you still had outstanding business when our existing system closed on 5 June 2019, you will have to create a digital account on LAMS to enable us to pay you any outstanding monies.

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