FAQs - Messages and queries in LAMS

Frequently asked questions relating to the message and query functions in LAMS and when to use them.

If the LSA has a query about some aspect of an application/bill, how will that be notified to the solicitor?

If a request is queried by LSANI, you will receive an email notification in your business account to alert you to the query.

You will then need to log into your portal to view and respond to the query.


What are the target dates for responding to messaging?

LSA will aim to respond to a message from a supplier within five working days.

LSA will expect a supplier to respond to a message within three working days.


Under what circumstances does the supplier receive email notifications into their conventional email?

Suppliers receive system generated emails to the email address they provided as part of their individual digital account.

These emails are generated when the status of a request or application changes and when a message has been generated in relation to a case.

The supplier will need to login to LAMS to see the detail of the change/message.


Can we mark queries that have been dealt with?  How will we know that we have dealt with it?

Queries are linked to requests.

If LSA has queried a request, the request status will change to 'Queried'.

When you respond and deal with the query, the request status will change to 'Resubmitted'.

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