FAQs - Internal information sharing on LAMS

Frequently asked questions relating to information shared internally on LAMS.

What about cases where a certificate is granted to a named solicitor but the work is actually carried out by another solicitor in the office?

The solicitor that submits a request is responsible for the accuracy of the information contained therein, regardless of which solicitor carried out the work.


Are users able to access applications in relation to other users in the same firm?

Yes. All suppliers attached to a firm will be able to see all requests submitted to LSANI and those that are in draft.


Is it possible to integrate the new system into existing firm case management systems?


For system security and GDPR reasons LAMS will not be able to integrate into a firms existing case management system.


Can we print the payments in a request for our paper file?

The account administrator for the business receives an email remittance from Account NI, this will detail the amount paid to the business.

In addition, you are able to print any screen on LAMS using your internet browser.

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