FAQs - LAMS impact on business

Frequently asked questions relating to the impact LAMS will have on legal aid business.

How are queries or appeals dealt with for any cases that migrate from the old system to the new LAMS system?

Queries and appeals will be dealt with as normal, but will be submitted via LAMS.


In relation to existing cases which are transferred to LAMS at commencement will certificate reference numbers remain the same?

The number will remain largely the same, though the prefix which indicates Level of Service, will be updated to reflect the new system.

e.g. AB/18/10/12345 will be migrated as RL/18/10/12345.

The prefix changes are:

  • AB/CO→RL (the current AB/CO business areas are a shared environment so the reference numbers run sequential - there will be no duplications when AB/CO are merged to RL)

  • CV→RH

  • LA→AA

(Abbreviations:  AB – Assistance by way of representation; RL – Representation Lower Courts; CO – Children Order; CV – Civil; RH – Representation Higher Courts; LA – Legal Advice and Assistance; AA – Advice and Assistance)

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