FAQs - Saving work, storing information and working offline

Frequently asked questions relating to working offline and also storing or saving information in LAMS.

Is there an auto save function?

The system allows you to save and return to an application or request. 

The system will not automatically save work done.

If there is no activity on a screen for 15 minutes, LAMS will close and unsaved work will be lost.


Can the system store details of children, benefits details, etc. so this can be repopulated?

Only in relation to the case on which the information is provided, to comply with GDPR.


Can the system store names and supplier references of barristers that you commonly use so as they can be picked from a list and the supplier reference populated?

The system stores the names and supplier references of all barristers registered on LAMS.

It is up to the solicitors office to store the reference numbers of those barristers that are commonly used by practitioners.


Can I give an applicant a proforma to take away, fill in and bring back to me so I can put it on the system?

Proformas will be available to facilitate circumstances where there is no access to LAMS, such as at a police station or prison. These proformas will include the declaration document.  In this case, you will scan and upload the declaration into LAMS.

In other cases, for example, capturing financial eligibility, you may still wish to give your applicant a paper copy of the proforma for them to fill in at their own convenience.  When this is returned to you however, you will have to transcribe this information into the appropriate fields in LAMS.  You cannot simply scan and upload the document.


Can a partly completed application be saved and then returned to at a later stage?


You will be able to save and return to a draft request.  Requests include applications, payments, authorities, amendments etc.


Can I print emails/save emails out of the system so as to attach them to my own case management system?

LAMS has been designed to ensure that information is held electronically and accordingly does not facilitate the formatted printing of correspondence.

It is still possible, however, to print by using the print function on your internet browser.

There are no emails stored in LAMS.  Any emails that are sent by LAMS are sent to an individual supplier's inbox.  They will however simply be messages advising you to access your portal.

Should you wish to do so, you can print those emails from your email system and attach them to your own case management system.


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