Youth Justice Agency senior management profiles

A who's who of the Youth Justice Agency senior management.

Stephen Martin: Chief Executive

Stephen Martin was appointed Chief Executive of the Youth Justice Agency on 17 May 2021.

He joined the Northern Ireland Civil Service in 1996 and for most of the last 25 years has worked on the development and delivery of social policy across a number of Departments. 

Mary Aughey: Director Juvenile Justice Centre

Mary was appointed Director Juvenile Justice Centre in March 2023..

Mary began her career in the criminal justice sector in 1990 when she worked as a residential social worker in St JoMary was appointed Director Juvenile Justice Centre in March 2023.seph’s Training School, Middletown. In 1997 Mary joined the Probation Board for Northern Ireland (PBNI) where she worked as a Probation Officer and then as PBNI’S Youth Justice Unit manager.

In 2004, Mary joined the Youth Justice Agency, initially as Assistant Director with the Community Services directorate. Prior to Mary’s recent appointment she was acting Director of the Youth Conference Service and acting Director of the newly established Youth Justice Services directorate.

Kelvin Doherty: Acting Director of Youth Justice Services


Paul Gibson - Director of Corporate Services

Paul was appointed Director of Corporate Services in September 2020.

He is a qualified accountant and was Head of Corporate Services in the Crown Solicitors Office prior to taking up post in YJA.

Prior to this, Paul worked for the NI Audit Office, the Department of Health and the Department of Finance.


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