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Access to Justice

Access to Justice 2

The Access to Justice Review 2, established by the Minister of Justice, David Ford MLA, started work on 16 June 2014.

Terms of reference

Publicly funded legal services have undergone significant reform and change in recent years. Looking to the future, it is important to have a clear strategic approach to the development of publicly funded legal services and access to justice.

A strategic approach is necessary to safeguard the interests of justice in an environment where there are many competing demands on public expenditure. It helps ensure that decisions on resources are informed by clearly articulated and prioritised business needs. It will help government to meet its obligations by ensuring that the right services are prioritised and can be sustained at the appropriate level and quality into the future.

Building on the review conducted in 2011, and taking account of changes already in hand, this further review of access to justice will contribute to the development of the vision for the future of publicly funded legal services in Northern Ireland, drawing on the views of the legal profession and other stakeholders, taking account of the experiences of other jurisdictions and reflecting on the financial implications.

The review will:

Identify and prioritise those services where publicly funded advice and/or representation should be provided in order to meet human rights obligations, safeguard the interests of the vulnerable and meet the wider public interest.

Consider the delivery models that might be best suited to the provision of publicly funded legal services including through mechanisms other than legal aid.

Consider whether there are aspects of the justice system where efficiencies might contribute towards reducing the cost of publicly funded legal services while sustaining the quality of service provision.



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