Report of the Access to Justice Review Part Two

Consultation opened on 03 November 2015. Closing date 09 February 2016.


The Department is seeking your views on the recommendations in the report on the Access to Justice Review Part II.


Consultation description

The Minister of Justice commissioned an independent report last year in a follow-up to the report from the first Access to Justice Review that was published in 2011.  It led to a comprehensive programme of work with three strategic objectives for reform: improving access to justice; bringing legal aid within budget; and improving governance.  Much was achieved in these areas in the intervening period.

The current objective is to build on the reforms which have already been introduced and identify further improvements to the system.  The report makes some 150 wide-ranging recommendations aimed at reducing costs and improving the experience of those who come into contact with the justice system.

We welcome comments on this report and the recommendations it contains.

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