Causeway was launched in 2002 as a joint undertaking by the Criminal Justice Organisations (CJOs) in Northern Ireland. It aims to improve the administration of criminal justice through the development of new closer ways of working through the use of inter-connected information systems based on the sharing of information electronically.

Causeway promotes partnership working between the Department and the Northern Ireland Courts and Tribunals Service, Police Service for Northern Ireland, Public Prosecution Service Northern Ireland, Northern Ireland Prison Service and Forensic Science Northern Ireland. Causeway is now acknowledged to be an integral and critical component of the criminal justice process in Northern Ireland.

Who is involved?

The organisations participating in Causeway are:

Many other organisations concerned with Justice, in the public sector, are stakeholders in Causeway. Their interests are taken into account in Causeway operations.

How Causeway works

Globally Causeway is a data sharing mechanism that has improved the performance and enhanced the interconnection of the Northern Ireland criminal justice organisations by the e-sharing of common information through end to end technical and business processes.

The Causeway system is a strategically important database and data sharing messaging service providing an integrated system supporting information sharing between the five Criminal Justice Organisations line of business systems and generates the Northern Ireland Criminal History database


Causeway’s vision is All the information shared within the Criminal Justice System will be accurate, consistent, up to date and accessible electronically by the staff that need to use it.


To transform the effectiveness and efficiency of the justice system by maintaining and developing electronic information sharing, which will reduce re-keying, duplication, photocopying and time spent passing information between justice organisations.


The Causeway Management Board is accountable to the Minister of Justice Northern Ireland for Causeway and is chaired by the Director of Access to Justice.  Day to day business delivery for Causeway falls under the remit of the Criminal Justice Division and operational delivery is the responsibility of Information Services Division.






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