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Freedom of information request and disclosure relating to prison cell size and mattresses.

Published 02 August 2013FOI/EIR responses

This update presents the most recent statistics on the level of public confidence in policing and the criminal justice system in Northern Ireland as well as public perceptions of anti-social behaviour. 

Published 01 August 2013Research and analysis

One of a series of information leaflets published by the Youth Justice Agency to explain the services it delivers.

Published 01 August 2013Guidance literature

One of a series of information leaflets published by the Youth Justice Agency to explain the services it delivers. This Charter is for victims of crime committed by children and young people who are working with the Youth Justice Agency.

Published 01 August 2013Guidance literature

One of a series of information leaflets published by the Youth Justice Agency to explain the services it delivers. This leaflets sets our the Agency's approach to Community Engagement.

Published 01 August 2013Guidance literature

This bulletin is based on a self-completion module contained within the Northern Ireland Crime Survey (NICS)

Published 11 July 2013Research and analysis

A report on an inspection of the PSNI to provide assurance that the 10 recommendations made by the ACPO human tissue audit report had been fully implemented.

Published 09 July 2013Independent reports

This paper provides a summary of the responses received to the consultation paper ‘Future Administration and Structure of Tribunals in Northern Ireland - Consultative Document’ published by the Department on 25 January 2013.

Published 09 July 2013Consultation reports

A summary of the Agency's performance against business plan targets for the year including financial performance against budget.

Published 04 July 2013Corporate reports

The purpose of this Business Plan is to translate the priorities, as set by the Minister, into a set of objectives and targets for the Department and set out how we will continue to take these forward and deliver on them in 2013/14.

Published 01 July 2013Business plans

This Newsletter provides an update on changes within AccessNI.

Published 01 July 2013Circulars

Rankings, band averages and total payments made to solicitors and barristers.

Published 26 June 2013Corporate reports

Chief Executive’s summary, organisational chart, management commentary, operating review, remuneration report, statement of agency’s and Chief Executive’s responsibilities, governance statement, certificate and report of the Comptroller and Auditor General fo

Published 25 June 2013Financial plans and reports

Justice Minister David Ford addressed the Police Federation Conference on the 5 June 2013. In his speech the Minister outlined how it is not fair or reasonable to expect PSNI officers to fill the void left within our community by failure to agree.

Published 05 June 2013Speeches and statements

The number of items confiscated from prison cells from May 2012 to May 2013.

Published 01 June 2013FOI/EIR responses

This report presents the findings of the 2012 stakeholders survey carried out on behalf of the Youth Justice Agency by NISRA.

Published 30 May 2013Statistical reports

The Criminal Justice Board has agreed an Action Plan, which has been endorsed by the Minister of Justice, in response to the Criminal Justice Inspection (NI) Report: "The Use of Early Guilty Pleas in the Criminal Justice System in Northern Ireland". 

Published 28 May 2013Development plan/framework

The findings provide information to assist in measuring progress with two Northern Ireland Executive strategies: (i) Building Safer, Shared and Confident Communities – A Community Safety Strategy for Northern Ireland 2012-2017 and (ii) the New Strategic Direction for Alc

Published 24 May 2013Research and analysis

The focus on reducing offending is central to much of the reform and modernisation being taken forward by the Department of Justice and links directly to wider work being progressed across Government. 

Published 22 May 2013Development plan/framework

A Corporate Plan and Business plan is published by the Youth Justice Agency. The Corporate Plan usually covers a period of 3 years and sets out the strategic context within which the Agency will develop its services.

Published 22 May 2013Business plans

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