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Money and facility time provided to trade unions and sports association.

Published 01 April 2014FOI/EIR responses

Analysis of NIPS Prison population.

Published 01 April 2014Statistical reports

This update presents the most recent statistics on the level of public confidence in policing and the criminal justice system in Northern Ireland as well as public perceptions of anti-social behaviour. 

Published 28 March 2014Research and analysis

The number of  male and female prison officers (all grades) are currently employed on a flexible working arrangement due to childcare reasons and for other reasons.

Published 27 March 2014FOI/EIR responses

This circular sets out the new arrangements with regards to the filtering of old and minor convictions and cautions to be applied by AccessNI.


Published 26 March 2014Circulars

Freedom of information request relating to prisoner categories in Maghaberry Prison.

Published 26 March 2014FOI/EIR responses

This report presents workload statistics for the last five financial years for both Custodial Services and Youth Justice Services (YJS) within the Youth Justice Agency (YJA).

Published 21 March 2014Statistical reports

User Consultation report on Digest of Information on the Northern Ireland criminal justice system.

Published 11 March 2014Consultation reports

Freedom of information request and disclosure relating to contract information about insurance services which include the following: Motor Property, Accident and Liability.

Published 11 March 2014FOI/EIR responses

Monthly visitor numbers for 2013 broken down by prison, and detailing many were adults and children.

Published 07 March 2014FOI/EIR responses

Total occupancy in Maghaberry.  Occupancy capacity and the religious breakdown.

Published 05 March 2014FOI/EIR responses

A guide to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Appeal Panel for Northern Ireland.

Published 03 March 2014Guidance literature

The Minister of Justice established the Prison Review Oversight Group to provide critical analysis of progress to date, on the Prison Review Team recommendations, and suggestions for improvement.

Published 01 March 2014Corporate reports

This brief is designed to keep stakeholders abreast of developments right across the Youth Justice Agency.

Published 27 February 2014Promotional material

This bulletin is based on findings from the 2012/13 Northern Ireland Crime Survey (NICS).

Published 26 February 2014Research and analysis

This guide provides background information about autism spectrum disorders and aims to assist all professionals working in the Criminal Justice System who may come into contact with someone who has autism, particularly police officers, solicitors, barristers, the Public Prosec

Published 19 February 2014Guidance literature

Inspections undertaken by Criminal Justice Inspection Northern Ireland (CJINI) add value to the work of FSNI.

Published 13 February 2014Independent reports

A report addressing outstanding issues regarding the use of special measures for vulnerable witnesses in Northern Ireland.

Published 10 February 2014Independent reports

To fund, consistent with the provisions of this Authorisation, the appeal by the defendants, arising from the retrial judgment of Mr Justice Gillen dated 20 March 2013, in the civil action brought under Writ issued in 2001 No. 3918.

Published 06 February 2014Guidance literature

A series of detailed consultation exercises of known and potential users of prison statistics were undertaken in late 2013 and early 2014 to identify the preferred longer-term structure and format of publications.

Published 05 February 2014Research and analysis

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