Microchemistry examinations include recovery and analysis of samples for residues carried out in a clean room environment. Information on residue analysis, scanning electron microscope analysis and the availability of sampling kits.

Microchemistry examinations

Microchemistry examinations include recovery and analysis of samples taken from clothing and swab kits for cartridge discharge residues, propellant residues and explosives residues.

Examinations and extractions are carried out in a state of the art clean room environment with positive air pressure and filtered air.

Residue analysis

Propellant and explosives

Propellant and explosives residue analysis by GC/TEA (gas chromatography/thermal energy analysis) with confirmation by HRMS (high resolution mass spectrometry).

Scanning electron microscope analysis

SEM (scanning electron microscope) analysis for cartridge discharge residues.


SEM analysis in other areas

The section also carries out SEM analysis in other areas including:

  • elemental analysis of paint and glass
  • identification of unknown materials such as small fragments from explosions and fires
  • visual and elemental examination of light bulb filaments for nature of breakage
  • low vacuum non-destructive visual and elemental examination of wet, dirty and/or large items such as paper and textiles

Sampling kits

Sampling kits are manufactured and supplied for:

  • recovery of cartridge discharge residues
  • explosive residues
  • use on suspects, premises or vehicles
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