Judicial Statistics 2022 published today

Date published: 30 June 2023

Figures published today by the NI Courts and Tribunals Service in the 2022 edition of ‘Judicial Statistics’ outline court business received and dealt with during the calendar year 2022.


This report provides an overview of Children Order and County, Court of Appeal, Crown, High and Magistrates’ Courts business during 2022 and how it compares with the figures for the previous year. The key findings are summarised below -

Children Order

  • During the year there were 1,994 sittings (5,817 hours), 4,295 Children Order applications received and 4,489 disposed.
  • At 72% the most common reason for transferring children order applications was complexity, the most common reason each year across the five year time series.
  • In terms of orders made, 1,875 were own motion, 9,004 were interim and 6,053 were final.
  • The average waiting time for applications disposed was 54.4 weeks for public and 36.6 weeks for private law.
  • Average processing times in weeks for both public and private law applications have generally increased over the last five years.

County Court

  • County Court and District Judges sat a total of 4,684 sitting days during the year. Within those days 2,406 (51%) were majority Crown Court days, 1,558 (33%) were majority County Court Judge civil days, and 720 (15%) were majority District Judge civil days.
  • In terms of receipts there were 9,821 Civil bills, 148 equity, 746 ejectment and 7,641 small claims cases received.
  • In terms of disposals there were 8,555 Civil bills, 106 equity, 439 ejectment and 6,466 small claims cases disposed.
  • 1,628 divorce decrees were granted and 1,601 decrees absolute issued.
  • There was a general increase in the number of cases received and disposed and the time taken to disposal fluctuated according to the different business areas compared with figures for the previous year.

Court of Appeal

  • Judges sat a total of 69 days on criminal Court of Appeal business and 149 days on civil Court of Appeal business.
  • There were 95 criminal appeals received and 96 disposed, and 101 civil appeals received and 95 disposed.

Crown Court

  • During the year there were 2,753 Crown Court sittings with 1,297 cases and 1,587 defendants received and 1,409 cases and 1,765 defendants disposed.
  • Average time from committal to hearing was 173 days and from conviction to disposal was 82 days.
  • In comparison to the previous year the number of cases and defendants received decreased and the number of disposals increased.

High Court

  • There were 2,127 High Court sitting days during the year. The highest proportion of these days was spent on Judicial Reviews business (17%).
  • The Chancery Division received 1,155 and disposed of 1,040 cases. Of the 1,155 cases received 72% were Chancery, 16% bankruptcy and 12% companies.
  • In terms of King’s Bench business, 3,853 writs and originating summons were received and 2,039 were disposed; 1,734 applications were received and 1,469 applications were disposed.
  • There were 292 applications for leave to apply for Judicial Review, 96 applications for Judicial Review and 3 ancillary applications received.
  • There were 84 adoption cases and applications received and 92 disposed. The average time taken from issue to disposal was 35 weeks.
  • There were 2,573 divorce petitions received (1,055 (41%) for 2 years separation with consent), 808 decrees granted and 741 decrees absolute issued.

Magistrates’ Court

  • Within the 4,358 Magistrates’ sitting days during the year, 72% were adult criminal, 6% youth criminal and 22% civil and family days.
  • There were 319 new civil applications, 3,579 new family applications and 37,339 new adult and 1,031 new youth defendants received.
  • In terms of disposals there were 286 civil and 3,308 family applications and 36,554 adult and 982 youth defendants disposed.
  • The average waiting times from summons/charge to disposal in the adult and youth criminal courts were 16 and 20 weeks respectively; from date of receipt to disposal the average waiting time was 34 weeks for civil applications and 9 weeks for family applications.
  • All parameters, except family applications, were higher than the comparative figures for the previous year; disposals were all lower, with the exception of civil applications which increased by 11%.


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