128 consultations

Air Traffic Management and Unmanned Aircraft Bill

Published 10 January 2020Closed

Consultation on member contributions 2020 onwards

Published 02 December 2019Closed

Sentencing Review Northern Ireland

Published 28 October 2019Closed

Smoke Free Prisons - Consultation

Published 21 October 2019Closed

Consultation on child sexual exploitation law

Published 19 February 2019Closed

Management of Minors’ and Patients’ Funds

Published 13 February 2019Closed

Domestic Homicide Reviews

Published 16 January 2019Closed

Improving Cost Recovery in the Civil Courts

Published 10 December 2018Closed

Consultation on unduly lenient sentences

Published 07 August 2018Closed

Draft Modern Slavery Strategy 2018-19

Published 26 July 2018Closed

NIPS Visitor Experience Consultation

Published 01 February 2018Closed

Recovery of Defence Costs Orders

Published 24 January 2018Closed

Introduction of Statutory Registration Scheme

Published 23 February 2017Closed

Consultation on draft Witness Charter

Published 05 July 2016Closed

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