Here you will find all application forms that must be submitted to become a Controller.

The Controller Application

The Controller Application document sets out your personal details, details of the Patient’s next of kin and details of those who will provide you with a character reference. It must also set out information on the Patient’s assets and it is extremely important that you include a comprehensive list of all bank accounts, savings, investments and property owned by the Patient. It is equally important that you are very specific in your proposals of how these will be managed. Medical certificate

Medical Certificate

The Medical Certificate is required to confirm the Patient’s incapacity and must be completed by a Doctor. You must send a medical certificate to OCP along with your other application papers, if one has not previously been supplied to the Office by a Doctor.

Notice of Application

The Notice of Application is to be completed and served personally on the Patient by someone other than the proposed Controller

Certificate of Service

The Certificate of Service is to be completed by the person who served the Notice of Application and it must be returned to the Office as proof of Service

All of the documents must be fully completed, signed and dated to enable prompt processing of your application. Incomplete applications or those with insufficient information will be returned to you.

Forms and guidance for applying for a Controller

A checklist, completer guide and blank copies of all required forms are included in the publication list.

Please note that you may personally complete the controllership application form or you may wish to employ a legal professional such as a solicitor to assist you.

If you are employing a solicitor please indicate this on the front page of the application and include the solicitor’s name and address.

Information for existing Controllers

Handbook for Controllers appointed under the Mental Health (Northern Ireland) Order 1986.

Fees of the Office of Care and Protection

Fees of the Office of Care and Protection (Patients Section)  
Enduring Powers of Attorney – application for search of register £28
Registration of Enduring Powers of Attorney £165
Enduring Powers of Attorney – application pursuant to court direction £284
Enduring Power of Attorney account fee £213
Referral of patient to OCP including issue of enabling certificate and Master’s direction by certificate £107

Master’s subsequent direction by certificate where no controller order or short procedure order issued 

1) Commencement Fee (Patient’s Affairs) – first application for the appointment of a controller except where it appears that the patient’s clear annual income is less than £1000 £284
2) In addition to (1), commencement pursuant to a request by a personal application £0
Issue of a controller ad interim order or a short procedure order £107

Transaction Fee

1) On any order made by the court in the exercise of powers conferred by–

Article 99 (1) – b), c), d), h), k) of the Mental Health (Northern Ireland) Order 1986
Article 102 of the Order
section 35 (9) of the Trustee Act (Northern Ireland) 1958
section 57(3) of the Trustee Act (Northern Ireland) 1958


£114 or in a special case ¼% of the pecuniary consideration as defined in Note 3 of the Fees Order if greater than £114

2) On making by the court of any order or authority under Article 99(1)(e) of the Order 

On appointment of a controller £165
a) Administrative Fee per annum where funds are operated out of court £356
b) Administrative Fee per annum where funds are held by Court Funds Office. £498
Control Fees –
On passing an account where an Officer of the Court (including Official Solicitor) is appointed
Application to appoint a new controller £284
Winding-up fee on the death of a patient £391
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