Assets Recovery Community Scheme

Since the start of the scheme in 2012, half of the total proceeds of crime recovered through the payment of confiscation orders have been directed to the Assets Recovery Community Scheme (ARCS) fund to support projects that prevent crime or the fear of crime. The other half is diverted to relevant law enforcement agencies to invest in asset recovery work.

The ARCS fund is managed by the Department of Justice Protection and Organised Crime Division (POCD).  Funding decisions are made by the ARCS panel. 

Since 2012 we have been able to distribute in excess of £4million to a wide range of projects across Northern Ireland.

ARCS funding underpins the DoJ commitment to keeping communities safe and reducing crime.

Purpose of the Assets Recovery Community Scheme (ARCS)

The purpose of the ARCS fund is to provide start-up funding to projects that will be ongoing, or one-off funding to time-limited projects.  ARCS funding is not intended to serve as gap funding or to support salary costs in the long term.  It is not intended to fund capital projects or schemes already funded or delivered through other service providers.   

To be eligible for funding projects must be designed to prevent crime or reduce the fear of crime and therefore contribute to a safe community where we respect the law, and each other. 

Organisations applying for funding must clearly demonstrate how the project will directly benefit victims, communities and/or the environment.

Assets Recovery Community Scheme (ARCS) 2018/19

Applications are invited for innovative and transformational justice initiatives.  Funding will be available for short-term projects and also for longer, strategic interventions up to a maximum of three years. 

In particular applications are invited for projects from voluntary and community organisations.  These must be supported by a project supervisor, such as DOJ Directorates, the Police Service of Northern Ireland, the Northern Ireland Prison Service, Probation Board Northern Ireland, Policing and Community Partnerships (PCSPs), the Northern Ireland Environment Agency and the Education Authority. 


Applications for the 2018/19 scheme are open from 6 August 2018 to 3 September 2018.

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