Northern Ireland Courts and Tribunals Service - Estate Strategy 2023-2030

Date published: 04 December 2023

‘Making the Place for Justice’ – A new strategy for Courts and Tribunals Estate


The Northern Ireland Courts and Tribunals Service (NICTS) has published its Estate Strategy, ‘Making the Place for Justice,’ which describes how it will provide a modern courts and tribunals estate that will deliver improved facilities for people who attend or work from its buildings.

The strategy, which was developed with input from stakeholders, partners and user group representatives, sets the context for future decisions on the development of the NICTS estate, and is based on four principal aims:

  • Improved User Experience
  • Improved Resilience
  • Improved Value for Money
  • Improved Sustainability

Guided by these aims, NICTS will now develop a range of prioritised and evidence based investment options to establish a modern, fit for purpose accommodation that meets service requirements.

If you wish to find out more about the Estate Strategy and the NICTS Vision 2030 courts, please contact the Vision 2030 team at

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