Matrimonial Ancillary Relief

Date published: 30 November 2017

This set of Guidance notes replaces the previous set of notes issued by Judge McReynolds.


Pending further consideration, and with a view to empowering the parties involved in Ancillary Relief applications and ensuring that the overriding objective is complied with, it has been decided that these Guidance Notes will apply to all applications from 1 May 2006.

The Court must further the overriding objective of justice by actively managing cases.  This includes but is not confined to

  • encouraging the parties to co-operate with each other in the conduct of the proceedings
  • encouraging the parties to settle their disputes through mediation, where appropriate
  • identifying the issues at an early date
  • regulating the disclosure of documents and expert evidence so that they are proportionate to the issues in question
  • helping the parties to settle the whole or part of the case
  • fixing timetables or otherwise controlling the progress of the case
  • making use of technology
  • giving directions to ensure the trial of the case proceeds quickly and efficiently
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