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AccessNI publish circulars and newsletters to inform stakeholders of changes in procedures and legislation.

AccessNI circulars and newsletters are available in the publication section of this website.


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News Letter Summary of Content
Spring - Issue 30
  • Working in RQIA premises
  • ID checking
  • Contractors/Workers in School
  • CSV Export - update
  • Kinship Foster Carers
  • AccessNI Disclosure Application - PIN numbers
  • New Independent Reviewer
  • Event Booking - RB training
  • System Enhancements
  • Submission of AccessNI applications during 2019-20
  • Customer Survey
  • AccessNI Fees
  • Paper Applications

Winter - 29


  • Eligibility for AccessNI checks - Charity Trustees, Sports Sector, Children attending organised events open to all ages.
  • Checks with EU member states
  • Fraudulent and Ineligible Applications
  • ICT Contingency
  • Digital Certificates
  • Compliance



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