AccessNI Circulars and Newsletters

AccessNI publish circulars and newsletters to inform stakeholders of changes in procedures and legislation.

AccessNI circulars and newsletters are available in the publication section of this website.


A summary of AccessNI newsletters from 2016 is available below -


Issue 37 - Changes in Application numbers

Barred list information

Checks on EU citizens

Homes for Ukraine

AccessNI E-Application Declaration

Corrupt Accounts

Statutory guidance for Chief Officers

Code of Practice


Issue 36 - Recruitment Agencies

ID Checking Guidance

Payment for AccessNI Checks

NI Direct Accounts

Guidance for Transgender Applicants

Cancelling of Audits

Issue 35 - New DBS Appointment

AccessNI Annual Registered/Responsible Body Review 2021

AccessNI Disclosure Application Queues

ID checking during COVID-19

Applicant Survey Results

Lead/Countersignatory Accounts - Contact details updates

Code of Practice

AccessNI Signatory Accounts



Issue 34 - Applicant survey

Home-based positions AccessNI enhanced disclosure e-application forms

On-line teaching

ID checking during COVID-19

Barred list checks

Activating and managing NIDA accounts


Positions Applied For

AccessNI Registered/Responsible Body Review

Referral to Disclosure and Barring Service

Independent Monitor Annual Report

Issue 33 - Covid-19 - What we have been doing

AccessNI Registered/Responsible Body Review

Barred list checks

Protective Disclosure Unit

ID checking during Covid-19

Befriender positions

Review of AccessNI signatory accounts

Lifeguards (Swimming pools or beaches)

Issue 32 - New AccessNI signatory training

Working in premises/establishments regulated by RQIA

AccessNI checks - working with children and adults in the voluntary sector

Further education colleges - eligibility for AccessNI disclosure checks

The role of a compliance officer in AccessNI


Public Services Card (Ireland)

EU exit - ROI and EU checks

Annual Registered/Responsible Body review

Independent Monitor annual report

AccessNI fees


Issue 31 - Fraudulent certificates

Forenames/surnames on application forms


Applicant that has no identity documents

Kinship foster carer applications

List of specified offences

Making a complaint to AccessNI

Issue 30 - Working in RQIA premises

ID checking

Contractors/workers in schools

CSV export - update

Kinship foster carers

AccessNI disclosure application - PIN numbers

New Independent Reviewer

Issue 29 - Eligibility for AccessNI checks - Charity trustees, sports sector, children attending organised events open to all ages.

Checks with EU member states

Fraudulent and ineligible applications


Issue 28 - Duty to refer employees to Disclosure and Barring Service

Compliance - forenames/surnames on applications

Digital certificates

Important court cases

AccessNI PIN numbers

New UK Criminal Records Trade Body (CRTB)

Issue 27 - EU project - Spanish, Portuguese and French nationals

Umbrella Body organisations - eligibility


New ID checking guidelines

Did you know?

Issue 26 - Working in premises/establishments regulated by RQIA

Befriender positions

Working in charity shops or other workplaces

Review of AccessNI countersignatories



Issue 25 - Returned applications

Cancellation of disclosure applications

Lead signatory positions with Registered/Responsible Body organisations

Sample letter to request certificate

Pre-employment application form - Question about disclosure of convictions

Issue 24 - Changes to lead signatories

On-line applications

Case tracking

Status of application

Retaining certificatesAccessNI emails

Issue 22 - Exporting information to excel


Umbrella Body database

Staffing changes in AccessNI

Issue 21 - Barred list checks

Security features of AccessNI disclosure paper

Right to work

Disputes and case tracking

Issue 20 - Criminal record review scheme - Independent Reviewer


Revised Code of Practice

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