Prisons 25by25


The Northern Ireland Prison Service has, over the past three years, been on an exciting journey. Our objective is to ensure NIPS is and remains a modern progressive Prison Service that is Competent, Confident and Compassionate.

An organisation that is open, transparent and focused on delivering the best service we can to those in our care and wider society.

The focus of Prisons 25 by 25 will, following consultation, be on delivering rehabilitation through:

Our People – We have a professional, skilled and supported workforce serving with competence, confidence and compassion.

Our Services – Working with others, we rehabilitate and support those in our care through a person centred approach.

Our Infrastructure - We have fit for purpose, secure estate which facilitates innovative delivery models.

Our Partnerships - In partnership with others, we rehabilitate and prepare those in our care for life in the community.

Our Contribution – We make a difference as part of the community.


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