R & S Bulletin 01/2018 ‘Perceptions of Crime: Findings from the 2016/17 Northern Ireland Crime Survey

Date published: 26 June 2018

This bulletin is based on findings from the 2016/17 Northern Ireland Crime Survey (NICS).  In addition to describing respondents’ perceptions of causes of crime, recent changes in crime levels and the extent of anti-social behaviour in the local area, the bulletin illustrates three commonly used measures of concern about crime:

  1. worry about crime and personal safety
  2. perceptions of the risk of victimisation
  3. perceptions of the effect of ‘fear of crime’ on quality of life


NOTE: Tables A4.1, A6.1, A7.1 and A8.1 - Statistics presented for respondents who gave their religion as Protestant have been revised due to a coding error.   We apologise for any inconvenience (26 June 2018).

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