Guidance for firearm dealers

Date published: 09 May 2016

The Justice Bill 2016 gained Royal Assent and became the Justice Act 2016. Changes relating to firearms have come into effect. 

These changes relate to

  • Young people aged 12 and over but under 16 who can now participate in supervised shooting at PSNI authorised clay target clubs;
  • Those aged 16 and over but under 18 who can apply for a firearm certificate in their own name and can now be granted for sporting and vermin use, where previously only sporting use was permitted. Again these shooters must be supervised at all times. There is also an exemption which permits a person in this age group to shoot on an occupiers land, using the occupiers gun and in his presence. (This is an extension of the condition which currently exists for those aged 18 and over);
  • The introduction of a banded system for the exchange of similar rifles to be carried out through a dealer;
  • The provision for a dealer to remove a firearm from a firearm certificate without a replacement being added (a “one-off transaction”)
  • Changes relating to GB firearm certificate holders coming to Northern Ireland with their firearms;
  • Miscellaneous new fees and offences.
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