Digital Justice Strategy 2020-

Date published: 06 July 2020

The Digital Justice Strategy 2020-2025 has recently been approved by the Criminal Justice Board.  The Criminal Justice Board is chaired by the Minister of Justice and members include the Lord Chief Justice, the Chief Constable, the Director of Public Prosecutions and the Permanent Secretary of the Department of Justice and is main strategic oversight group for the criminal justice system in Northern Ireland. 


The Strategy does not seek to replace the ICT or digital strategies of the individual criminal justice organisations, but rather to build on these initiatives to optimise collective efforts in making things better for citizens through the use of technology. 

The Strategy identifies priorities which seek to improve the experience of people in contact with the justice system under themes of digital communication and skills; a more effective justice system; and innovation.  The strategy is underpinned by the principles of citizen engagement; collaboration; and modernisation.

For the first year of the strategy, justice organisations will focus on delivering collaborative projects which will make a tangible difference to the effectiveness and efficiency of the justice system.

If you wish to contribute ideas in future priorities for the Digital Justice Strategy, please contact the Justice Performance Team

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