Important notice for LAMS users about reregistration

Date published: 30 June 2021

This is an important notice for all LAMS users about the reregistering of accounts.

In LSA Circular 05/21 we advised that practitioners had until 30 June 2021 to reregister both their individual and where appropriate, their business accounts. Unfortunately, due to a technical issue, LAMS ran the expiry process a day earlier. The Agency apologies for this inconvenience.

As at the close of business on 29 June 2021, some 77% of barristers and 75% of solicitors had reregistered however, only 63% of solicitor and barrister businesses had reregistered.

If you have received an email notifying you that your individual or business account has expired as per paragraph 5.1 LSA Circular 05/21 you can still reregister but you will no longer be able to access any case information until the reregistration application has been checked, verified and approved. Practitioners who have reregistered their individual accounts but are attached to a business that has not reregistered will not be able to access any case information until the business has reregistered. Providing your individual account is reregistered you do not need to take any further action.

To reregister an expired individual account please follow the process outlined in Section 1 of the LAMS Reregistration manual. To ensure there is no delay in processing your reregistration request practitioners are reminded that they must upload a copy of their current practicing certificate as part of the reregistration process.


To reregister a business account you must be an account administrator attached to the business and you should follow Section 2 (page 8) of the LAMS Reregistration manual. Barristers are reminded that they must reregister both their individual and business accounts.


LSA will continue to process requests that have already been submitted against businesses that have now expired.  Until your individual and/or business account has been reregistered you will not be able to submit any new requests in LAMS.


The reregistration window will remain open until 12pm Friday 2 July 2021. LSA will endeavour to process, all properly completed reregistration requests by close of business Friday 2 July 2021.   

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