Legal aid FAQs - Mental Health Review Tribunal (MHRT)

Q1.   How do I make an application for a Mental Health Review Tribunal (MHRT)?

You will need to make an application to representation lower. Although funding for hearings before the MHRT is subject to the usual merits criteria, the Agency will give significant weight to the nature of these proceedings and vulnerabilities of the clients. In effect the objective of legal aid is to ensure that the client can participate effectively in the proceedings. The Agency is unlikely to refuse such applications on the grounds of prospects of success.

For guidance on how to submit an application request in LAMS, refer to Section 16.0 of the LAMS Supplier Manual and 'Submitting an application' in the Instructional Videos.

Q2.   What information do LSANI require?

  • Background to the case and summary of the issues likely to be considered by the tribunal.

Q3.   What documentation should I provide with my application?

  • Letter or email confirming the date of the tribunal hearing.

For guidance on how to upload a document in LAMS, refer to ‘Uploading a document’ in the Instructional Videos.

Q4.   What type of certificate will I receive?

Certificates relating to the Mental Health Review Tribunal will usually be unlimited.

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