Legal aid FAQs - high court bail applications

Q1.   How do I make an application for a High Court bail application?

You will need to make an application to representation higher. Given the time sensitivities, we would expect that all applications for High Court bail would be made as emergency applications. First applications for bail are unlikely to be refused on merits grounds. Renewed or subsequent bail applications are likely to be refused if the Agency concludes that the prospects of success are poor or that the application is not justified under the private client test.

For guidance on how to submit an emergency application request in LAMS, refer to Section 18.0 of the LAMS Supplier Manual and ‘Submitting an emergency application’ in the Instructional Videos.

Q2.   What information do LSANI require?

Please provide the following:

  • Confirmation that this is the first application for bail to the High Court.
  • Confirmation that the applicant has been granted criminal legal aid in this matter and that his financial circumstances have not changed significantly since it was granted.
  • Otherwise, chronology and details of all previous applications for bail, reasons given for any earlier refusals and any change of circumstances since the last application.

Q3.   What documentation should I provide with my application?

We will require:

  • Copy of the bail motion to the High Court.
  • Confirmation of the court listing date.

For guidance on how to upload a document in LAMS, refer to the ‘Uploading a document’ in the Instructional Videos.

Q4.   What type of certificate will I receive?

Certificates relating to bail proceedings will usually be unlimited.

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