Legal aid FAQs - additional documents

Q1.   I need to add additional documents to my request.  How do I do this?

This will depend on the status of your request:

  • If it is pending – you can recall your request, make the necessary additions/changes, and upload any supporting documents. You then resubmit the request.
  • If it is active – please send a message against the request and ask us to query the request back to you to allow you to upload the additional documents.
  • If your request has been completed – you will need to upload the additional documentation as a supporting document to an 'Amendment Request'. There are a number of amendment request types for “additional documentation”; you should chose the most suitable one for the documents you wish to upload e.g. “Additional Documentation – Authority Request” or “Additional Documentation – Application Request – Financial Eligibility Assessment”.


For guidance on how to recall a request or to submit an amendment request in LAMS, refer to Section 19.0 of the LAMS Supplier Manual.

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