Review of Civil Legal Aid – Call for Evidence

Consultation opened on 22 April 2024. Closing date 18 June 2024 at 12:00.


The Department of Justice (DoJ) is conducting a review of civil legal aid in Northern Ireland. At various points in their lives, people will need support with issues they face that have a legal dimension. Access to efficient, effective, and responsive help in these circumstances is essential to enabling people to secure their rights in a democratic society.


Consultation description

Over the past number of years, there may have been changes within the legal aid landscape. It is only by engaging with both those who have needed the help of legal aid in the past, have an interest in the subject matter, or who provide legal services either in the public or in private practice can we assess our access to legal services is enhancing access to justice for all those who live or reside here.

Civil cases account for 50.3% of the total expenditure of legal aid expenditure and we want to ensure that this expenditure is directed at enhancing justice for those most n need.

The current review is intended to be a holistic review of our civil legal aid provision in Northern Ireland.  It will look at what we did in the past, what we can learn from comparative reviews, and what we have learned from those needing legal assistance and, importantly, those delivering civil legal aid provision in Northern Ireland.

So, if you have had a civil legal need in the past, have worked or continuing to work within the legal field or simply have an interest, we are keen to hear from you and would encourage you to let us know more about your personal and professional experience of civil legal services and your views on a number of proposed opportunities for reform.

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The closing date and time for responses is 18 June 2024 at 23:59.
If you have any further questions about this Call for Evidence, would like to complete a paper based version of the questionnaire or submit your views in writing, please contact



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