Codes of practice issued under the proceeds of crime Act 2002

Consultation opened on 11 August 2015. Closing date 02 November 2015.


The Department of Justice is seeking your views on three draft codes of practice for Northern Ireland under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 (POCA).


Consultation description

POCA, which extends across the United Kingdom, contains a comprehensive package of measures designed to enable the recovery of unlawfully held assets in an effective, human rights compliant way. The codes of practice provide guidance to constables and accredited financial investigators on the exercise of POCA powers in Northern Ireland.

The draft codes of practice for consultation are:

Search, Seizure and Detention of Property (Northern Ireland)
Recovery of Cash: Search Powers (Northern Ireland)
Investigations (Northern Ireland)

We would welcome views on the guidance contained in the draft codes of practice, not the actual POCA powers. We would welcome comments on any passages that are confusing, ambiguous or lacking in clarity, or if you believe there are gaps.

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