DoJ Research Agenda

The DoJ Research Agenda outlines the Department’s identified research priorities for the next three years (2021 – 2024). The core objective of the Research Agenda is to provide the evidence necessary to support the policy making process, to further strengthen the link that exists between research and policy development. Whilst this is the first formal Research Agenda commissioned by the Department, it has been founded on a long standing commitment to evidence based policy.

This Research Agenda seeks to develop this commitment by highlighting the strategically important research needs that the Department will seek to develop over the period to 2024. To facilitate a more strategic and cross divisional examination of research, the priorities identified herein are mapped against the thematic priorities for the Department as set out in the Department of Justice Business Plan for 2021/22:

  • Support Safe and Resilient Communities;
  • Address Harm and Vulnerability;
  • Challenge Offending Behaviours and Support Rehabilitation;
  • Deliver an Effective Justice System; and
  • Secure Confidence in the Justice System.

This approach helps to ensure that we are linking the research to cross divisional strategic needs whilst also making the best use of the analytical support available to the Department.  Whilst the research needs identified have been set out for the next 3 years, the Department intends this to be a fluid document and has built annual review points to afford regular consideration over the period of emerging policy and evidence base needs and we will seek to prioritise any newly identified research accordingly.

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