Analytical Services Group (ASG): About Us

ASG is the statistical and research team posted within the DoJ. It is comprised of 17 statisticians, on loan from the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency and incorporates staff within the core department with those located across the Youth Justice Agency, Prison Service and the Northern Ireland Courts and Tribunals Service.

Key Aims

  • To provide a robust research and statistical evidence base to inform the development, implementation and review of DoJ policy, in particular, in support of the Programme for Government within the criminal justice system.
  • To provide objective information on the operation of the Northern Ireland justice system to the Assembly, policy makers, practitioners and the general public.


  • To provide a research and statistical analysis that monitors the operation of the justice system;
  • To provide research and statistical analyses of the effectiveness of processes and programmes within the justice system;
  • To provide research-based analyses and information on the effectiveness of the component elements of the justice system including departmental initiatives and projects;
  • To provide analyses of issues relating to equity of treatment and public confidence in the justice system;
  • Encouraging and supporting academic and independent criminological research in the university, voluntary and private sectors; and
  • Publishing relevant research and statistical bulletins as required.
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