Strengthening family relations 2019-2024 consultation

Date published: 21 February 2019


The Northern Ireland Prison Service (NIPS) is currently revising its strategic approach to strengthening family relations, the aim of which is to improve outcomes for people in our care and their families.


Positive relationships and family connection can have huge benefits for people in and leaving custody and their families, and research indicates that positive relationships can significantly reduce the likelihood of re-offending, thus contributing to a safer society (in line with outcomes in the Programme for Government Delivery Plan 2018-19). NIPS is also committed under Prisons 2020 to introduce a new strategy that recognises the importance of positive family connections.

You will be familiar with the previous family strategy, published in 2010 (action plan updated in 2012), which also recognised the important contribution that families make in supporting all prisoners to achieve effective rehabilitation and reduce re-offending. The purpose of the revised strategic approach is to influence and challenge current and developing plans in order to generate better overall outcomes for prisoners and their families.

NIPS is committed to continuously improving how it works and responds to the needs of those in its care, children, families and wider support networks, which is why your opinion matters. I would like to ask for your consideration of the attached strategic approach to strengthening family relations. In expressing your views, can I ask that you consider the questions outlined in the document.

Responding to this consultation

If you would like to respond to this consultation you can do so by submitting your responses via  Email to

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