LSA 05-21 - Supplier and business reregistration for LAMS

Date published: 27 May 2021

Circular 'LSA 05-21 - Supplier and business reregistration for LAMS' advises suppliers of legal aid of the process required to reregister their accounts on LAMS.


Originally in LSA Circular 05/21 we advised that should your individual and/or business account expire you would not be able to submit new application requests but would be able to continue working on existing cases. This is not correct, once your account/s have expired you will only be able to manage your individual or business account or renew your account/s in LAMS and you will not be able to access any case information until your account/s have been renewed. To ensure that there is no impact to your ability to progress cases in LAMS it vitally important that you renew your account/s before 30 June 2021.

LSA Circular 05/21 has now been corrected.

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