Phase 1

Phase 1 – 2016/2021: Delivery Approach

For Phase 1 of the Programme, we were working to achieve four long term outcomes, to ensure:

  1. The public support and have increasing confidence in the justice system;
  2. We all live in safer and more confident communities
  3. Support is available for those who want to move away from paramilitary activity and structures;
  4. And paramilitarism has no place.Tackling paramilitarism phase 1 success

Phase 1: Successes

Significant progress was made in Phase 1 of the Programme. This includes positive results through youth outreach initiatives and educational support for young people, the delivery of a community transformation programme for women and Probation Board- led work with vulnerable young men.

There have been initiatives to help speed up the justice process and a programme to support communities to build to be more open and accessible so that paramilitarism has no space to exist.

The establishment of the Paramilitary Crime Taskforce - a co-located law enforcement response to tackle criminality related to paramilitary groups- has ensured a robust justice criminal justice response to paramilitary gang activity.

Further information on the Executive action plan and quarterly updates on delivery is available at the publication section of this website.

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