Claire Sugden launches competition for Independent Assessor of PSNI Recruitment Vetting

Date published: 05 July 2016

Justice Minister, Claire Sugden has launched a recruitment competition for the appointment of an Independent Assessor of PSNI Recruitment Vetting.

The Independent Assessor, which is a public appointment, regulated by the Commissioner for Public Appointments for Northern Ireland (CPANI), provides an appeals mechanism for candidates who have been disqualified from appointment to the PSNI on vetting grounds.

Launching the public appointment competition, Claire Sugden said: “The role of the Independent Assessor of PSNI Recruitment Vetting plays a key part in the police recruitment process.

The Assessor provides that applicants to the PSNI, who have been disqualified on vetting grounds, have access to an independent appeals mechanism. 

The nature of this role and the founding legislation requires an individual with a judicial background for the appointment of the Independent Assessor”. 

In line with the statutory requirement for this appointment, the Independent Assessor is required to have held judicial office within any part of the United Kingdom. 

The appointment process will be conducted in accordance with the best practice in respect of public appointments. 

The deadline for receipt of applications is 12 noon on Friday 29 July 2016.

Notes to editors: 

1.  View the application form and candidate information

2.  Copies are also available as follows: 

Telephone: 028 9052 3259 or 028 9052 3255


By writing to: IA Appointment Section, Police Powers & HR Policy Branch, Department of Justice, Block B, Castle Buildings, Stormont, Belfast BT4 3SG.

3.  The Independent Assessor is an independent statutory office holder appointed in accordance with the Police (Recruitment) (Northern Ireland) Regulations 2001, as amended. 

4.  The regulations require that the person appointed as Independent Assessor shall have held judicial office within any part of the United Kingdom.

5.  The Independent Assessor’s role is to review decisions of the PSNI vetting panel on the suitability of any candidate for appointment as a police trainee or member of PSNI support staff and to make a report to the Chief Constable stating whether he agrees or disagrees with the decision of the panel and may make recommendations as he considers appropriate. Further information can be found in the information pack which accompanies the application form.

6.  The appointment will be effective from 1 November 2016.  Annual gross remuneration for the Independent Assessor is £8,250 payable monthly.  A per diem fee is also payable in line with the rate of fees for judicial office holders in Northern Ireland.  Time commitment is largely driven by PSNI recruitment levels and can therefore vary, however it is estimated that the position requires approximately 5 judicial sitting days in a financial year.  

7.  In addition to the criteria to have held judicial office, candidates must meet the following essential criteria: Making Effective Decisions, Effective Communication, Managing a Quality Service and Contextual Awareness.  In addition to the essential criteria, the desirable criteria may also be applied for shortlisting purposes.

8.  Further details of the responsibilities and competences required are contained in the Candidate Information Pack, which should be read in conjunction with the press advertisement.  The Candidate Information Pack and Application Form can be provided in alternative formats and reasonable adjustments will be facilitated upon request.

9.  The Department of Justice is committed to the principles of public appointments based on merit with independent assessment, openness and transparency of process.  The Department is committed to providing equality of opportunity for all applicants.  Applications are welcomed regardless of age, gender, disability, marital status, religion, ethnic origin, political opinion, sexual orientation or whether or not you have dependants.

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