Freephone Juryline

Freephone Juryline

There is a freephone juryline number which details the jury panel numbers required to attend each court on the following day.

The number is 0800 032 7080

Numbers are generally quoted in groups; you should listen carefully to the entire message. The 'juryline' messages can also be found on the Jury Panel Information page on our website.

If you have a query regarding:

  • summonsing of all jurors for High, Crown and Coroners courts
  • excusal/deferral applications enquiries
  • processing of jury expenses
  • Please contact the Jury Management team
The contact details are:
Jury Management Team
Customer Service Centre
PO Box 256

Telephone 028 7126 1329
Fax No 028 7137 2105.

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