Proposed amendments to the legal aid for crown Court proceedings rules 2005

Consultation opened on 09 February 2012. Closing date 04 May 2012.


The Department of Justice is carrying out a consultation on amendments to the Legal Aid for Crown Court Proceedings (Costs) Rules (Northern Ireland) 2005 (the 2005 Rules).


Consultation description

The consultation document seeks views on the proposals but is particularly interested to receive views on specific aspects of the proposals. These are:

Whether the proposed fees payable in respect of confiscation hearings and Public Protection Application Fees are consistent with the value for money test contained in Article 37 of the Legal Aid, Advice and Assistance (Northern Ireland) Order 1981;
Whether anything can be identified that should be changed in the proposals to enable the fees to be adjusted to produce fairer remuneration; and
Whether the new rules should be brought into operation in respect of all defence certificates granted on or after 1 August 2012.

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