Mental Health Review Tribunal

Consultation opened on 26 October 2015. Closing date 23 November 2015.


The Department is seeking your views on a review of certain provisions in the Mental Health Review Tribunal (Northern Ireland) Rules 1986.


Consultation description

The Mental Health Review Tribunal (“the Tribunal”) is an independent judicial body, set up under the Mental Health (Northern Ireland) Order 1986 (“the Order”), which reviews the cases of patients who are compulsorily detained or are subject to guardianship under the Order. The Tribunal’s function is to provide mental health patients with a safeguard against unlawful detention under the Order by means of a review of their cases from both the medical and non-medical points of view. After considering all of the evidence submitted at the hearing, the Tribunal decides whether or not the patient should continue to be detained under the Order.

The Mental Health Review Tribunal (Northern Ireland) Rules 1986 (”the Rules”) set out the procedure to be followed by the Tribunal. The Rules are made by the Department of Justice, after consultation with the Lord Chief Justice.

This consultation is about certain provisions in the Rules which relate to the time limits for complying with the Rules.

We welcome comments on this review and any issues raised by the consultation.

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